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Since 1946, STM Charters has been the industry leader in providing meaningful travel related solutions to sports teams, corporations, executives, entertainment tours, group and leisure travelers. Every year, STM Charters fulfills over 850 charters moving in excess of 34,000 individuals on aircraft ranging from single engine turboprops, to wide body jet airliners with seating over 400.

Every year, STM Charters fulfills over 850 charters moving in excess of 34,000 individuals...

Our business model integrates unparalleled customer service & industry expertise with relationships built on transparency and trust. We strive every day to exceed expectations, and to offer services and products that greatly enhance your travel experience. 



Pro and Collegiate SPORTS TEAM TRAVEL

With over 850 charter flights successfully completed each year for the top programs across the nation, industry leading customer service, and our one of a kind, fiscally responsible cost savings...


By leveraging our relationships with aircraft operators from around the globe, STM Charters offers the benefits of preferred pricing and exceptional quality...


Privacy and Safety

One of our most important policies is your privacy and security. That's why you will never see STM Charters promoting Colleges, Universities, or any clients on or website and marketing materials. We promote our unique brand of service and customer experience by being who we are, and by exceeding your expectations one trip at a time, every time.

Furthermore, the private charter carriers we utilize take the priority of safety to the next level by having ARGUS International (an independent auditor) do on-site safety audits. The ARGUS CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification) program was developed over a decade ago as the most accurate and detailed third-party due diligence system for charter operators, buyers and passengers around the world. This system has three major components: historical safety rating, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site audits.


Analysis of these components results in four potential levels of safety rating: DNQ (Did Not Qualify), Gold, Gold Plus, and Platinum. Each level reflects analysis and ranking based on increasing amounts of detailed information on the charter operator. The CHEQ system is the most comprehensive and detailed safety analysis program in the industry. Please see below for an in-depth look at these ratings.



With aircraft strategically located, we are able to offer aircraft that can accommodate any size travel party. All charters through STM are operated by FAA Certified Part 135 and Part 121 air carriers. Here are some of the most commonly used aircraft:


STM Charters has formed partnerships with multiple carriers from coast to coast to offer the following aircraft.


Aircraft that will seat up to 19 passengers that come in a wide range of configurations.


You'll find aircraft that seat between 30 and 70 passengers. 


These are a jump up in size from regional as you'll find aircraft that seat 124 or more.


Our staff offers over 100 years of combined experience in the aviation industry.  We bring unparalleled solutions, knowledge, and customer service. When our clients have a need for an air charter, it's an easy decision who to call for help.


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